• Increase the amount of time you spend in your patio by simply adding vinyl panels to your existing structure, no need for expensive reframing. Vinyl panels are versatile, attractive, rugged and easy to operate.

    Open, they let the breeze in while screening out insects and debris. Closed, they provide protection from summer sun and changeable weather. Because Vinyl sliding panels are uniquely designed and custom made, they make it easy to enclose your existing porch. All you need to do is measure the inside dimensions of your openings and Alliance Aluminum will take care of the rest. To install the product all you need is screw gun and self tapping screws (Available at Alliance Aluminum), no drilling necessary!

    Season to season you will get more comfort and enjoyment from your outdoor living area when it is protected with vinyl sliding panels

    Cleaning and care of vinyl panels: vinyl is made to look new for many years with proper use and care. Built from 10MM material the product can be pushed and pulled and will retain its original shape within minutes, however UV rays from the sun can dry the product out, we recommend PGT vinyl cleaner (Available at Alliance Aluminum). If you ever get a cut in your vinyl, Alliance Aluminum can restore and repair the panels for you at a very minimal cost, or you can easily do it yourself to save money.

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