• Offset posts are a great way to increase the room under your carport without major structural changes to your existing roof.

    The post is made from solid 3”x3” square aluminum tubing in either .050”, .093” or up to .125” thick (1/8”) depending on the load. To change your existing straight post in to a new building code approved, engineered offset post is usually fairly simple. First determine how far out you would like the base of the post from the structure, with a max of 36”.

    It is OK to bury the post into the ground and concrete it in but you must adhere to local building codes for pier size (ask us, we can help). If your concrete or asphalt slab extends far enough out you can use an offset post base with a couple masonry fasteners (Included) and attach it to the slab.

    Since offset posts are made custom to fit your specific needs, attachment to the upper edge beam is usually as easy as two bolts (included) and a saddle notch, which we will do for you. Just provide us with the dimensions of the beam.

    If you are tired of trying to squeeze out your car door or just want a little extra room, an offset post just could be the answer you are looking for, call one of our qualified team members for more information.

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